SJYCSF Parent/Sailor Protocols for COVID-19

Summer Sailing Season 2021

- 2022 Protocols will be Updated June 2022 -

SJYCSF is excited to be offering sailing lessons for the 2021 Summer Sailing Season. Due to COVID-19, however, classes, procedures, activities, rules, and safety protocols will look a little different this year. We are expected to follow the Maine State guidelines and we ask that parents, sailors, and staff follow these as well.

*Please note that Maine State and CDC COVID-19 guidelines are changing frequently. As a result, some of our Program protocols may change as we get closer to the start of the sailing season.  

COVID-19 Resources

CDC Guidance for Operating Youth Camps


CDC Guidelines for Child Care Programs

  • Please click on the link below to get updated information from the CDC

CDC Guidelines for Child Care Programs

Regular Rules

  • Close toed shoes for all sailors

  • USCG Type III Personal Flotation Devices/PFDs must be worn by staff and sailors on the docks and in boats

  • Children must be supervised on the yacht club property, including docks and coach boats

  • Please limit water bottles to reusable containers

Class Sizes

  • Morning Class:  limited to 36 sailors

  • Afternoon Intermediate Class:  limited to 30 sailors

  • Afternoon Advanced Class:  limited to 30 sailors

  • To the best of our ability sailing “pods” and skipper/crew pairs will remain the same during each two week session, if not throughout the summer. These “pods” and pairs will be created based on family(siblings and relatives) and conversations between Directors, sailors, and parents.  

Class Times

  • Morning Class:  9:00 AM-12 noon

  • Afternoon Intermediate and Advanced Classes:  1:00-4:00 PM

Swim Tests

  • Swim tests for students entering the Beginner Turnabout class will be held at 8:30 AM on the first Monday of each session.  

Hygiene practices

  • Hand sanitizer will be available and hand washing stations will allow staff and sailors to wash hands or sanitize upon arrival, frequently throughout the day, and before leaving at the end of the day. This includes, prior to and after eating and bathroom breaks.

  • Staff and sailors will be required to wear face coverings on land when unable to socially distance.

  • Staff and sailors will be required to wear buffs/neck gaiters to protect themselves and sailors on docks and boats.

Important:  Surgical-style masks are not to be worn on the water due to increased drowning risk.

Health Screening

A COVID-19 parent/sailor contract must be completed each session for all sailors.  This form will be completed on the CampDoc website prior to each session. To access the parent contract, parents will sign into their CampDoc account and click on the “pre-screening” link. This must be done for each child. Parents cannot leave their child at sailing until the child has been approved by a designated employee.

Health Screening- Throughout the Day

  • Any child who presents with COVID symptoms during the day will be separated from the group immediately. Please be aware that if a child becomes ill or presents symptoms during the day, we will require parents to pick up within 30-45 minutes of notification. 

Cleaning and Disinfecting Measures 

Too Rainy/Too Foggy/Too Windy

  • Unfortunately, due to the size of the SYC facility, there will be no sailing if sailors cannot go on the water due to weather conditions. Directors will notify parents through text the night before or at earliest convenience.  

  • Parents must be able to pick their children up from the yacht club within 45 minutes if sailing is “cut short” due to unexpected weather. 


  • SJYCSF is committed to hiring experienced, enthusiastic, and supportive staff. To maintain this high-quality staff the Foundation would like to honor the salary contracts signed by each employee. As a result, we are unable to give refunds for classes that have been cancelled due to COVID-19 related issues, weather, participant withdrawal, and other unforeseen circumstances.

 COVID Cases

  • SJYCSF will work with health officials at the local and state level to determine appropriate quarantining procedures in the event of a COVID-19 case within the Program.

Local Resources for COVID Tests

As of May 22, 2021


223 Townsend Ave


Appointments can be made online at Walgreens.com

It normally takes one to two days to get an appointment, but a rapid antigen test is available with same day results.

Nathan’s Pharmacy

185 Townsend Ave (In mini mall across from Hannaford’s)


$40.00 instant tests can be purchased

$164.00 mail in tests can be purchased 

Miles Hospital (in Damariscotta)

Drive-up testing- call for an appointment


Results in 24-48 hours

St. Andrews (in Boothbay) is an unknown at this time

Here is a link to the information session held on June 23rd, 2021 with Sailing Program Director Will Jacobs explaining the 2021 procedures. 

2021 Informational Video Link -  https://www.loom.com/share/8b734a9afa5b4061a343d01dae103bf7

 -  Summer 2022 protocols will be finalized in June 2022  -

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