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Firecracker Turnabout Race

1: Chris Jacobs

2: Bryce Jacobs and Charlie Apolinsky

3: Will Moen and Oliver Tineo

4: Will Jacobs

5: Sarah Helming

6: Trevor Britton

7: Oliver Grant

8: Graydon Smith and Jane Mayer

9: Charlie Phippen

10: Oliver Phippen

11: John and Daphne Walsh

12: Rachael Phippen and Morgan Peterson

13: Sage and Jim Whitline

14: E. Smith

Round the Island Race

1: Ghost- Ken Colburn (BHYC)

2: Wired- Chip Baker (SYC)

3: Rhodes Runner- Chris Jacobs (SYC)

Remaining 8 boats were scored DNF, Trash Can was retained by SYC since the race ended without 3 finishers from each club.

Hendricks Head Open Race

1: Rainier- Rob Hawley

2: Rhodes Runner- Bryce Jacobs

3: Rhodes Scholar- Hans Bauman

4: Gho2t- Ken Colburn 

5: Sunfish- Mike Gaffney

6: Wired- Dwight Poler

7: Open Rhodes- Charlie Phippen

8: Wabi Sabi- TBD

9: Muskrat- John Smith

10: Razzle- Anne Grimes Rand

11: Foursight: Martha Rand and Dane Phippen

12: Poler Express: Colin Poler

13: Gleam: Kate and Jim Wickline

Norma Smith Turnabout Race

1: Graydon Smith and Jane Mayer

2: Dane Phippen

3: Martha Rand

4: Charlie Phippen

5: Oliver Grant

6: Stephen and Sarah Morrison

7: Colin Holt

8: Lowell Watson

9: Bryce Jacobs

10: Parker Baker, Rachael Phippen and Sabrina Fairfield

11: Roth Family

12: Trevor Britten

13: Jason Harrington

Seguin Island Trophy Race

Link to Results

Pratts Island Turnabout Race

1: Bryce Jacobs and Charlie Apolinsky

2: Will Moen and Oliver Tineo

3: Chris Jacobs

4: Dane Phippen, Nate Phippen and Brooks Baker

5: David Turley

6: Oliver Grant and Elinor Grant

7: Oliver and Jen Phippen

8: Sean Morrison and Alec Fairfield

9: Luke Donnellan and Sophia Moen

10: Andrew and Keith Turley

11: Parker Baker, Skye Harrington and Rachael Phippen

12: Jason and Ilyana Harrington

13: Solomon and Ethan

Cedarbush Island Turnabout Race

1: Martha Rand

2: Dane Phippen

3: Chris Jacobs

4: Trevor Britton

5: John Walsh

6: Charlie Phippen

7: Oliver Phippen

8: Oliver Grant

9: Caroline Parker

Mark Island Race

Division 1

1: Hard Headed Woman- Charles Nelson 

2: Razzle- Anne Grimes Rand

3: Wabi Sabi- Kieren Lorentson

4: Joy Ride- Geoff Chatterton

Division 2

1: Sunfish-  Mike Gaffney

2: Club 420- Dane Phippen

3: Alegria- Chip Baker

4: Rhodes Runner- Bryce Jacobs

5: Good to Go- Jason Harrington

6: Rocky Rhodes- Charlie Phippen

Donaldson Season Series Award

Rhodes Runner- Bryce Jacobs


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